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  • Classic: White Chocolate, Maple, Butter Rum

  • Sugar Free: Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Almond Roca

Lotus FAQs


How do I make a Lotus Energy Drink?

Using our mixing guides to determine the Lotus Energy Concentrate ratios, fill your cup up with ice, pump your Lotus Energy Concentrate, add any flavored syrup, top off with club soda, then mix and enjoy!

What is the shelf life of a product after it has been opened?

The energy concentrates are good for 9 months from production.

Do I store in the fridge after opening?

No. Lotus products are shelf stable and do not require refrigeration.



Does Lotus Energy come sugar free?

Yes. Our Skinny Energy Concentrates are less than 5 calories and contain a thermogenic fat burner and also keto diet friendly.

What type of sugar do you use?

Our Lotus Energy Concentrates contain Pure Cane Sugar (not from bone char).

Are Lotus Energy Concentrates gluten free?


Are your products vegan?

Lotus Energy Concentrates are vegan.

Is Lotus Cream dairy free?

Super Cream contains Whey. Oat Cream is dairy free. Can type 1 diabetic drink Lotus? Our Skinny Lotus Energy Concentrates contain 2 grams of sugar. We are not health professionals and recommend asking your physician for any health concerns.

Does one have more caffeine than the other?

Lotus Energy Concentrates and Lotus Energy Lemonades all contain 80mg per 1 oz (this makes a 6 oz beverage when mixed with club soda.) We recommend mixing our products with club soda. Lotus Lemonades can be enjoyed with flat water.

Is Lotus Energy safe for kids?

Yes. Please note that Lotus Energy contains caffeine.

Does your product contain dyes?

Only our Blue Lotus Energy Concentrate contains blue #1. None of the other Lotus Energy Concentrate products contain dye. They are made with natural colours. Our caramel colour comes from vegetable juice and is not artificial.

What are the differences in flavors?

The difference in the flavors are the super fruits we use in each different Lotus product. White Lotus - Our proprietary Lotus Energy blend without the addition of super fruits Gold Lotus – Our proprietary blend with Gold Geisha Coffee Fruit with Tart Cherry Blue Lotus – Our proprietary blend with Blueberry and Acai Pink Lotus – Our proprietary blend with Tart Cherry and Red Raspberry Purple Lotus – Our proprietary blend with Elderberry and Black Raspberry


Is it safe to drink while pregnant?

Lotus contains natural caffeine and botanicals which may be harmful during pregnancy. Please consult your doctor before consuming.

Can you drink this while breastfeeding?

Lotus contains natural caffeine and botanicals which may be harmful during breast feeding. Please consult your doctor before consuming.