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Collection: Lotus Energy Drinks

Lotus Energy Concentrates are plant-based, naturally crafted from nature's elite botanicals, super-fruits, amino acids and B-vitamins.

Make your own energy drink in your own kitchen! 

Lotus adds 25% more plant energy and captures the nutritional powerhouse coffee fruit (cascara) with nature's elite adaptogenic botanicals, superfruits, natural caffeine from green coffee beans and sweetened with pure cane sugar.

Lotus Energy offers a healthy energy alternative with superior taste and function at less than half the cost of market-leading energy drinks.

Get pumped naturally! 


  • Gives you natural energy without the jitters or crash
  • Each 30ml serving has the strength of one 250ml energy drink can
  • Save Up To 70% Off Artificial/Synthetic Canned Energy Drinks
  • Efficient Pump Dispenser (sold separately) Easily Mixes With Flavoured Syrups
  • Easy and Versatile; Energy Spritzers or Frozen Smoothies.
  • Significantly Reduces Volume Of Disposable Packaging 
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